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The formation of the Vedpathshala Sanstha (Vedic Education)



As the first step, the community formed a Society with the aim of setting up a school devoted to Vedic Education, and in August 1997, the concept of Shree Ganesh Ved Pathshala was born. Word spread like wildfire across the district and several young people expressed interest in enrolling. The search for Adhyapakas (teachers) started in earnest.

The Key People
The institution is privileged to have availed of the services of Vinayakbhatta Athalye Guruji (Ghanapathi), an eminent scholar of Vedashastra, at the helm of all academic areas.

The First Premises
The problem of finding premises for the fledgling school was solved by the family of late Narayanrao and Vimaltai Rajwade, who came forward to provide sufficient space to run a residential school for an initial batch of 10-15 students.
The problem of residential accommodation due to increased number of students was solved by the generous gesture of the family of Shri. Makarand Sakharam Gadre, who allowed to use their own house till completion of own Vastu.
The entire community participated in the development and building of amenities, essential for a residential school.

The First Students
Every effort was made to spread the news of the formation of the new school. Helped by suggestions from learned people and scholarly institutions, the first batch of seven students was enrolled.

December 16th 1997 – the auspicious Foundation Day
The foundation of the "Shree Ganesh Ved Pathshala Sanstha" was celebrated on Margasheersha Krishna 3, Shake 1919 (Tuesday, 16th December, 1997)
In the presence of scholars and the common Sanskrit lover, religious ceremonies and rituals were performed, accompanied by the melodious sounds of the sanai.
A sparkling bright star had emerged on the horizon of Vedic Studies, and the lost tradition.

Successful First Year The school had a very fruitful academic year under the guidance of Vedshastrasampanna Vinayakbhatta Athalye Guruji. Vedmurti Sudhir Kulkarni soon joined him to assist in the teaching.
Students were trained in Rigveda, Yoga, and the value of labour.
The facilities were administered smoothly. Encouraged, the Sanstha started planning for the future.