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Financial Management

To run the residential school for about 25 students the monthly expenditure roughly amounts to nearby Rs. 36,000/- with the break up as follows. Monthly breakup of requirements of commodities is also mentioned here.

Head Expenditure (Rs.)
Breakfast & Meals 10000/-
Milk 3000/-
Salary of The Cook 3000/-
Honorarium of Teachers 10000/-
Administrative charges 7000/-
Electricity Charges 2000/-
Postage & Telephone 1000/-
TOTAL 36000/-
Item Name Daily Requirement (Kg) Monthly Requirement (Kg)
Rice 5 150
Wheat 2 60
Pulses 1.5 45
Edible Oils 0.75 22
Sugar 0.80 25

A part of the above needs is met up with the donations of generous and well wishers and supporters.
You also can shoulder a bit of load by donating money or articles as per requirements of the society under the title “Annadan” or “Brahman Bhojan”. Please refer below for our various Donation Schemes for generous donors.

Fund Raising Schemes

We are highly obliged to our generous well wishers and supporters for their donations and help. It was because of them that the society did not have to face a big financial crisis. But for the society to be self sufficient we want you to contribute to the “Yadnya” of reviving the tradition of Vedic Studies. Your donations are exempted under section 80G of Income Tax Act of 1961. These are some schemes……

1) “Smaran Nidhi” (Commemoration / Remembrance Fund):
Paying tribute to your beloved once on the certain tithe (day) of the year. ‘Annadan’ to the students of the Pathshala will be arranged in their remembrance. There will be the recitation of “Pitrushukla”. The commemoration day will be celebrated every year at the fixed day after one year of receiving your donations under this scheme and you will be informed accordingly. Don’t forget to inform us your “Gotra” while donating as minimum sum of Rs. 5000/- per person to be paid tribute to.

2) “Shishyavruttee Nidhi” (Scholarship Fund):
Generally the families of the students here are those coming from the lower classes financially. Even though arranges for all the expenditures on a student, the scholarship meets the daily personal expenses of the student and proves to be an incentive. 75% of the annual interest on your donation will be awarded to the student as scholarship every year after one year of receiving your donation and you will be informed accordingly. Minimum donation amount is Rs. 5000/- per student.

3) “Kayam Nidhi” (Permanent Fund):
The purpose of this scheme is to make the society permanently stable financially. Minimum donation amount is Rs. 1000/-

4) “Goshala Nidhi” (Cow Rearing Fund):
At this day the society nurtures seven Cow’s and three Calves in its Goshala. In our culture the Cow is highly honoured. In Vedic Yadnyas the Cow was given a very important place. All the donations in this scheme are totally utilized for rearing of Cows and Calves.

5) “Imarat Nidhi” (Building fund):
The increasing number of students has resulted in the urgent need of the residential complexes for students (about 1000 sq. ft. in area) and the staff (about 600 sq. ft. in area). The estimated expenditure for the construction of about 1600 sq. ft. is approximately Rs. 13 Lakhs. We sincerely appeal for your liberal donations.

6) “Shashwat Pooja Nidhi” (Adoration Fund):
On a fixed tithe (day) of the year, the “Dwibhuj” Ganesh idol will be adored and “Abhishek” will be done on your behalf. The holy ashes (Angara) and blessings (Prasad) will be sent to you by post. One time donation amount is Rs. 5000/- only.

7) “Sahastravartan Nidhi” (Thousand Recitations Fund):
Pooja Vidhi (adoration) and Sahastravartan Abhishek (recital of Atharvsheersha 1000 times) will be offered to on “Dwibhuj” Ganesh idol on the tithe (day) you select once a year. The Prasad and Angara will be sent to you by post. You can get the benefit of this scheme every year by donating Rs. 10000/- only once.

8) General donations fund:
All casual donations are diverted to this fund and the total amount is invested in Fixed Deposits every year.

9) “Dattak – Palak Yojana” (Adopt a Student for 5 Years Scheme):
Once the Student is admitted in the Pathshala the society bears every responsibility of the Student. Rs. 1000/- per month is the approximate load per Student. To lighten the burden a bit, accepting the suggestions from our well wishers a new scheme “Adopt a Student” is initiated from this year. The following options are open to you to adopt a Student and lend a helping hand to us in the revival of the glorious tradition of Vedic Studies.
1) One time donation of Rs. 1,00,000/- (One Lakhs)
2) Rs. 10,000/- every year for 5 years
3) Rs. 1,000/- per month for 5 years Under this scheme you adopt a Student for 5 years and the half yearly progress of the student will be informed to you.