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The flowering of the Sanstha

Own Premises
The first task for the Trust was to locate and build larger premises of its own.

A survey of appropriate plots in nearby areas was carried out. One of the plot owners, Shri Shamrao Desai visited the Trust. He was so pleased with the working of the Vedpathshala, that he and his family donated an entire plot of 80,000 sq. ft., which was transferred to the Trust in January 2000.

As if by miracle, the Trust had been gifted exactly what it wanted for itsGurukul-Project!

Larger Infrastructure
Keeping in mind the present and future needs of the Trust , a master plan was drawn up and finalized.

The first phase of the construction of about 4000 sq. ft. began on 15th February, 2002. It included the office of the Trust, student’s hostel, kitchen - dining hall and teacher’s quarter. In November 2002 the Trust started functioning in its own premises. From a fledgling institution it had begun to spread its wings.

Student strength increases to 25
With its expanded infrastructure, the school enrolled 25 students, confident that it had the strength to provide the amenities and fulfill the requirements.

Katre – Chandorkar Auditorium comes up in 2005
Well aware of its responsibility to provide a platform for the propagation of Vedic studies, not just to a select few, but to society at large, the Trust created a new auditorium in October 2005, named as Katre-Chandorkar Auditorium.
It is heartening to note that the auditorium is always engaged forlectures, kirtans, pravachans, group discussions, guidance camps, workshops and other cultural programmes.

Installation of the Go-Shala
In Hindu religion, the cow is the metaphorical abode of all its deities. Therefore, the cow has a unique holy status in every Hindu mind. Bearing this in mind, the Vedpathshala has set up a Go-Shala, as part of its supplementary projects – with an initial batch of five cows. 

Yadnya-Shala erected in 2008
The Yadnya-Shala was built on the lines of ancient Hindu architecture, and serves as the laboratory for the students.

The Community is working to enhance awareness

The credit for the progress, advancement and expansion of the Vedpathshalagoes to every common member of the community.

Right from inception, the community has been totally involved in building relationships with society at large.

To propagate the concept of an institution that devotes itself to the cause ofVedic studies, hundreds of thousands of people have been contacted.

Brochures and manuals have been developed and distributed every year.

Donation drives have been organized. Programmes instituted to keep donors of Rs.1000 and above informed about the progress, through Annual report with invitation of Annual Anniversary.

The Annual Anniversary of the Vedpathshala is a big draw, with participants from all over India.

Even a short stay here in the midst of Mother Nature is a soothing, pleasant and rejuvenating experience. All visitors are welcome!!